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Rights and responsibilities of guardians in Minnesota

You might have a loved one who can no longer make their own legal or financial decisions. Or, maybe a friend passed away unexpectedly and their child needs a caregiver. Whether they are a minor or adult, they will need someone to look after them and ensure their needs are met. The process of becoming a legal guardian is complex and demanding, but the individual is worth it. Before going to court, it is helpful to understand the basics of legal guardianship. 

Selling Your Marital Home During Divorce

It isn't just a house; it's a home. Filled with memories of first steps, birthday parties and holiday celebrations, having to sell your marital home can be one of the toughest aspects of a divorce. In addition to the emotional considerations, your home may also be your highest valued asset and your largest debt.

Despite the Defeat of DOMA, Gay and Lesbian Couples Need Additional Protections

The summer of 2013 was an exciting time for LGBT couples in Minnesota. Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) overturned the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which forbade the federal government from recognizing a legal same-sex marriage. Two months later, Minnesota legalized same-sex marriage.

Parenting Time During the Summer

Determining fair parenting time is one of the most complicated and emotional tasks that arises during divorce or separation proceedings. Even parents who are on good terms may struggle to come up with a plan that works for both parties, the children, and remains flexible enough to accommodate schedule changes. For many parents, it is often more challenging to achieve this balance during the summer months.

Minnesota's Relocation Rules for Parents

After a divorce, you may find that you want or need to relocate with your child. There are many different reasons you might want to relocate - perhaps you've been offered a new job, remarried, would like to be closer to family members for emotional or financial support, or want to begin a new school or job training program. Whatever the reason, it's important to be aware of Minnesota's rules for relocation after the final custody order has been established.

Five Tips to Ensure Your Divorce/Custody Mediation Goes Smoothly

Mediation should be a smooth process that results in a mutually acceptable divorce agreement. However, mediation can be derailed if one or both spouses are not prepared for the process, do not properly disclose all relevant information or refuse to accept the mediator's guidance.

What Is the Difference Between Guardianship and Adoption of a Child?

In both guardianship and adoption, a legal relationship is created to enable a person appointed by the court to take care of a minor child. The guardian or adoptive parent has both physical and legal custody of the child, which includes the physical care of the child and the right and responsibility to make educational, religious, medical and other decisions regarding the child's upbringing. Guardianship or adoption may be necessary if the parents are unwilling or unable to care for their child.

Divorce in Minnesota: Dividing Your Property

In October of this year, former news anchor Dina Ruiz Eastwood was reported to have filed for divorce from her actor-director husband, Clint Eastwood. With his net worth estimated at $375 million, it remains to be seen how finances between the two are going to be settled upon divorce. If a marital breakup is in your future, divorce lawyers in Minnesota can offer valuable advice about dividing your property.

Protecting Your Assets in a Hostile Divorce

In May of this year, reports emerged over the stalled divorce proceedings of actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. They have been locked in a hostile court battle over finances following a year of failed attempts to reach a negotiated settlement. It is crucial to take steps to protect your assets if your divorce is imminent and you fear obstructive conduct by your spouse. Experienced family lawyers in Minnesota can advise you on protecting your property.

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