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Stepparent Adoption Guidance

Many stepparents play a significant role in their stepchildren’s lives. In some cases, the stepparents may be the only parents the child has ever known. Formalizing your legal relationship through adoption can be a difficult, but meaningful, process in the formation of your family. A family law attorney can help guide parents through this process.

Completing a stepparent adoption can assist your family in the following ways:

  • Change of name: If you choose, the child’s name can be changed to match the other family members.
  • Right to inherit: Any children you adopt will have the right to inherit property from you, as if they are your biological children.
  • Recognize you as the parent you are: You will have the legal right to request custody, or child support in the case of a divorce, and make religious, health care and education decisions in regard to the children’s upbringing.

Let our lawyers and staff help make your adoption process seamless, so that you can focus on raising your family.

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