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Examples of communication issues between spouses

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Family Law

It may sound like a cliche, but communication really is the foundation of a successful marriage. When couples develop communication issues, the relationship can quickly start to deteriorate.

What are some of the more common examples of communication issues that married couples face?

When one spouse is secretive

Spouses don’t have to share every minute detail of their day, but certain things should not be kept from a partner, either. For example, if one spouse has developed financial issues, this should be shared because it could affect both parties. It’s always best when couples feel able to share their thoughts rather than hide them. Being secretive can lead to mistrust, which can signal the end of a relationship.

When anger is present

The timing and intensity of communication between married couples can also be an issue if one or both spouses are prone to outbursts of anger. Angry discussions or arguments are generally not productive. In fact, continuous heated conflicts can soon result in a toxic relationship.

When there is no compromise

Spouses have to be willing to give and take. Compromise is key in resolving most disputes and communication issues. If one spouse is unwilling to compromise or unable to apologize for inappropriate behaviors, this can start to wear on the marriage.

If communication in your marriage has broken down and things do not look repairable, it may be time to start thinking about doing what’s best for you. No one can force you to stay in an unhappy marriage, and a fresh start can be the best option in some circumstances. Before making any decisions, it will benefit you to seek legal guidance.