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How do you resolve a boundary dispute with a neighbor?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Real Estate Law

Maybe your neighbor wants to pave their driveway, and you believe that the markers they put down are on your side of the property. Perhaps your old neighbor just sold their property, and the new owners think that the boundary is in a different location than what you always believed.

Disagreements about a boundary line can cause tension between neighbors, especially if it affects lawn maintenance or a construction project, like the installation of a fence or a home expansion. How do you resolve a boundary dispute with your neighbor?

Compare your legal description

Sometimes, it is just confusion that leads to a disagreement about the boundary line. If the two of you compare your legal descriptions, you may realize that one of you had accurate information and the other did not.

However, legal descriptions are often hard for people to read on their own. If looking at your property paperwork doesn’t clarify things, you may need to bring in professional help.

Hire a surveyor

A surveyor is a real estate professional with the training, tools and experience necessary to pinpoint boundary lines. They can come check your property and then clearly mark where the boundary falls. That information may influence how you or your neighbor proceed with an upcoming project.

If you don’t take action before your neighbor puts in a fence or makes other alterations to the property, pushing back against those changes later could cause an even more serious dispute and damage your relationship. Learning about how to handle different real estate disputes can help you protect the investment you have made in your property.