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How divorce affects the family

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Family Law

Divorce is a stressful event for Minnesota families. Whether you are the plaintiff or the respondent, your entire family can be affected. The end result can be devastating for years to come, especially if children are involved.

Harmful effects of divorce on children

Divorce can be an emotionally charged period of time, and the situation is a loss to everyone going through it, including your children. A family law office can help you to navigate legal matters during this stressful time. When you consider all the aspects of divorce, including division of property, division of assets, and parenting responsibilities, you can easily become overwhelmed.

When disagreements between parents arise, children often feel caught in the middle. According to studies, many kids experience the fear of abandonment by one or both parents, regardless of how close the parent-child relationship may be. This fear and other mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, are exacerbated when the child witnesses parental disagreements.

Reducing the stress of divorce on your children

The easiest way to reduce the stress and fear your children may feel is to simply not argue in front of them. It may seem challenging to remain level-headed when emotions are running high, but your children’s health and well-being are at stake. Additional ways to reduce the effects of divorce on your children include:

  • Do not have your children convey messages to the other parent.
  • Do not ask your children to spy on the other parent.
  • Do not speak badly about the other parent to your children.
  • Encourage your children to pursue a healthy relationship with the other parent.
  • Do not discuss divorce matters, including the reason for divorce and financial and custody matters, with your children.
  • Be cordial to the other parent when the children are around.

Finding peace in the turmoil

You and your spouse have the ability to attenuate the effects your divorce will have on your children by always behaving in a civil manner and by following these tips. An attorney may be able to provide assistance with divorce and family law.