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Why do so many couples end up divorcing?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Family Law

People enter into marriage with the sincere intent of spending the rest of their lives together, usually raising a family and riding off into the proverbial sunset during their golden years. Sadly, this lovely scenario is often an illusion that gets dispelled fast. Approximately 40%-50% of all first marriages will end in divorce, according to some researchers. 

Life, with all its unavoidable messiness and unexpected pitfalls, frequently intrudes upon couples’ idyllic expectations. Their marriage then falls apart, and they formally untie the knot in divorce court. What causes so many marriages to go down this path? 

What motivates husbands and wives to call it quits? 

There are certainly couples who survive turmoil intact. In some cases, weathering turbulent times makes their relationship even more robust. However, that rosy outcome does not always happen. 

Some marriages are built on a foundation that was wobbly from the start. Lots of spouses pull away from each other when faced with serious or constant adversity or if they possess some of the characteristics below: 

  • One or both spouses’ parents split up
  • Money woes
  • Having kids before marrying
  • Being young and immature
  • Lack of strong religious leanings
  • Living together before marrying
  • Scant education

It seems that having a resilient marital bond is key to remaining together despite problems. Conversely, without a deep mutual commitment to each other and making the marriage endure, it can falter under too much stress and strain. 

Saying goodbye for good

Even when you know that you can’t save your marriage, ending it is never simple or painless. Try to put the emotions associated with your divorce aside and focus on vital practicalities like alimony and child custody instead.