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This Land Is My Land

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2014 | Real Estate Law

Nothing ruins the happiness and peacefulness of your home faster than a dispute with your neighbor. You are reminded about the conflict every time you set foot out the door. One of the most common types of neighbor disputes involves disagreement over the boundaries of the land itself. Where does my property end and where does yours begin?

Boundary disputes can arise for many different reasons. There may be confusion, or a neighbor may have purposefully erected a fence or other structure on your land. Past usage practices often lead to disputes when a boundary or property line dispute exists, the obvious first step is to talk calmly to your neighborabout it. Your neighbor may admit the wrongdoing when you bring up the subject if it was a simple mistake or confusion. However, if that approach doesn’t work, it may be time to get a lawyer involved to protect your rights.

Your lawyer can help you identify the boundary and prepare a solution – often outside the courtroom. In such a situation, they may draft a boundary agreement that can be recorded into the county records that ends the dispute. However, if negotiations produce no agreement, a lawsuit can be filed on your behalf in a variety of ways. You could file a lawsuit for ejectment or trespass to remove your neighbor or your neighbor’s structure from your property. You could also file a declaratory judgment action requesting the court to declare who is the true property owner.

Don’t let a property dispute with your neighbor keep you up at night. The experienced real estate attorneysof Hess & Jendro Law Office, P.A. can provide options for resolving your dispute so you can begin enjoying the comfort of your home once again.