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Posts tagged "Minnesota divorce attorney"

Selling Your Marital Home During Divorce

It isn't just a house; it's a home. Filled with memories of first steps, birthday parties and holiday celebrations, having to sell your marital home can be one of the toughest aspects of a divorce. In addition to the emotional considerations, your home may also be your highest valued asset and your largest debt.

Protecting Your Assets in a Hostile Divorce

In May of this year, reports emerged over the stalled divorce proceedings of actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. They have been locked in a hostile court battle over finances following a year of failed attempts to reach a negotiated settlement. It is crucial to take steps to protect your assets if your divorce is imminent and you fear obstructive conduct by your spouse. Experienced family lawyers in Minnesota can advise you on protecting your property.

Dispelling Four Common Divorce Myths

Although national divorce rates are showing a downward trend, last year's figures indicate that 9.7 percent of Minnesota marriages ended in divorce. Many myths have emerged that fuel anxiety about this stressful process. Dispelling these myths can banish unwarranted fears and educate those experiencing or contemplating divorce.

How to Maximize Your Time as a Single Father

In recent years, fathers have become more involved than ever in post-divorce parenting. Today, many divorced, noncustodial dads share decision-making power and responsibilities over aspects of their children's lives. This is a far cry from the situation in decades gone by where divorced fathers typically saw their children every other weekend and during vacations.

As Same-Sex Marriage Is Legalized in Minnesota, Are Divorces Far Behind?

Minnesota same-sex couples celebrated on August 1 when same-sex marriage became legal. However, one couple was the first same-sex couple in line to get divorced. Dawn Tuckner and her spouse married in Canada in 2004 and separated in 2009. They could not divorce in Minnesota because the state did not recognize their marriage. Canada's one-year residency requirement excluded them from divorcing there. Therefore, the couple has been in legal limbo for the last four years. While it is unlikely that the courts will treat the Minnesota same-sex couple any differently from heterosexual couples, there is no case law to guide the courts through legal grey areas. However, insights are available from states where same-sex divorce already exists.

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