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The Importance of Accuracy: Amending Bankruptcy Forms

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2013 | Bankruptcy

Filing complete and accurate bankruptcy petitions, schedules and statements is important – this is how the court evaluates your financial situation and determines the length and outcome of your case. However, if errors to your original documents or changes in your circumstances need to be addressed, bankruptcy court does allow you to file amendments. It is important to maintain the highest standards of transparency throughout your bankruptcy proceeding, so if you need to make changes to forms, do so as quickly as possible. Remember, your bankruptcy papers are signed under penalty of perjury.

Most bankruptcy form amendments involve honest mistakes or omissions of information. You may have had a change in circumstances, such as a new job or a difference in income. Your address or marital status might have changed. File an amendment immediately if any information in your petition is outdated, as filing incomplete or inaccurate bankruptcy forms can, in some cases, lead to the dismissal of your case.

As every district court has its own forms and procedures for amending bankruptcy forms, working with an attorney from Hess & Jendro Law Office, P.A. is in your best interests:

  • We have the correct forms and the declarations sheets necessary to amend previously filed documents.
  • We can help you add creditors to your bankruptcy at any time, even after you have received your discharge.
  • We can file the amended forms electronically for you.

Time is of the essence when addressing errors and making changes to bankruptcy filings. For help with every step of the filing process, contact the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Hess & Jendro Law Office, P.A.